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How to measure ring size at home?

Is it right to say that you need to purchase rings online? You should perceive your accurate ring size. This will confirm the ring you love fits like charisma. Measuring your ring size at home can be simple. There are additionally a couple of simple approaches to measure your ring size at home.


How to determine your ring size - First method (diameter)

ring size chart
  1. Take a ring, which you have worn on the finger, for which you want to order a new ring 
  2. Find a ruler, divided into mm 
  3. Put the ring horizontally on the table and measure its internal diameter. Upon measuring do not include the metal part of the ring. While you measure make sure that you have measured the ring at its widest part. 
  4. Specify how many mm is the diameter 
  5. By the attached scale find which measure of a ring corresponds to that diameter

  FREE dowload Printable size chart

When printing, Print the ring sizer at 100% setting A4 on your printer for an accurate scale.


How to measure ring size with string in inches?


  1. Measure your finger in warm temperatures at the end of the day
  2. The most direct way to deal with your ring size is to gauge your finger with a part of thread or paper.
  3. Eliminate a part of the paper that is very nearly 3 to 4-inches width and 4 inches’ length.
  4. Wrap the paper or the thread around your ring finger.
  5. Finally, scratch where the paper edges.


Confirm that you have not diminished the print size in your printer 'page course of action' area. You can check that the sizer is printed correctly by measuring it with a ruler; it must measure from A to B -3 1/2 inches in length.

  • When you have printed the sizer, follow these instructions to find your accurate ring size:
  • Cut out the ring sizer
  • Cut a slit for Slot "A"
  • With the numbers looking out, wrap the sizer around the finger on where the ring will be worn. Pull the sharp end Tab "B" through Slot "A" until the sizer is cozy.
  • Measure your knuckle a similar way following the previous steps.
  • The greater of the two numbers lined up with Slot "B" is your ring size.

‍If you are in-between sizes, always order the bigger size. For example, if your ring measures 6.5, order a 7.


 FREE dowload Printable ring sizer

When printing, Print the ring sizer at 100% setting A4 on your printer for an accurate scale. 

Other tips and information

When buying a wide band, consider moving up a size from your actual measurement.
‍This will feel more comfortable...

– Different countries have different ring-size systems;
– Refer to or download the Ring Conversion chart;
– The average woman’s ring size is about US Ring Size 6;
– The average man’s ring size is about US Ring Size10;
– The ring size on your primary hand (the hand you write with) will be half size bigger than your other hand;