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General conditions Affiliate program

General conditions

"Partnership program"  

These General Terms govern the operation of the "Affiliate Program" of the owner of the online store and the relationship that arises from the use of the program.



 Information under the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:


Owner: FOREX BG 2020 LTD;

  1. Headquarters and address of management: zh.k. Badelema, Bl.12, Entrance B, fl. 2, apt. 4, 4230 Asenovgrad, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  2. Correspondence data: 1. zh.k. Badelema, Bl.12, Entrance B, fl. 2, apt. 4, 4230 Asenovgrad, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Email:, Phone: +359897461141;
  3. Entered in the Commercial Register at the Registration Agency in Bulgaria registration number: 206059089;


1. Commission for the Protection of Personal Data

Address: 1 Ivan Evstatiev Geshov St 1, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: +3592 940 20 46 
Fax: +3592 940 36 40 

2. Consumer Protection Commission 

Address: square Slaveykov 4A, floor 3, 4 and 6, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
+3592 980 25 24 
Fax: +3592 988 42 18 
Hot line: +359 700 111 22 




    "Affiliate Program" is a platform through which a user can register and receive remuneration upon fulfillment of the conditions described below. The program is domain based

    Affiliate or Partner is a natural or legal person registered and approved by the Owner as a partner. The registration and the subsequent approval are accepted for the conclusion of a contract between the Owner and the Partner under the present General Terms and Conditions of the partner program.

    "Owner" is the person who is the owner of the website, and who has a legal basis to use this website, which is an online store. The owner of the site is indicated on it in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

    "Reference ID" is a unique string of characters that is contained in a unique code. This code is sent to the user after completing registration in the program. The code serves to authenticate on the Internet and in the Owner's online store that a given qualified action was performed precisely with the assistance of the partner.

    A "Qualified Action" is a series of related actions, the end result of which leads to an order and purchase (including delivery and payment by the end user) from the online store. The order should be made after visiting the online store by clicking on a reference placed by the partner (link, advertising banner, etc.). In the absence of an order or refusal of an order/payment, as well as a request from the customer for the return of a paid amount, means a lack of "qualified action".




    1. Any user can register as a partner for free through the registration form on the specially created page.

    2. Each partner has access to the software platform of the program through a link that they receive from the Owner.

    3. The software platform contains information about the program, the amount of the commission is indicated, there are also tools for tracking traffic (reports and statistics) and the result of each visit to the online store through advertising material used by the partner.

    4. The partner should take a code that is presented automatically by the system. This code contains the required information and the reference ID number of the partner. The code is suitable for placement in the source code of the partner's site and through it the relevant advertising material is visualized - a link or banner that the partner's audience can click on.




    5. The owner owes the partner the agreed remuneration for each campaign. The standard commission is 10% of the value of successfully completed orders, unless otherwise agreed. In the event that the partner participates in a new, different partner campaign, the remuneration and payment terms can be further negotiated. The partner's contribution to the successful implementation of the program is reported through its reference identification number and is expressed in the fulfillment of the condition for the presence of a qualified action.

    6. The partner has the right to request withdrawal of the accumulated amount at any time. The deadline for approval of the commission is 30 calendar days. The term for payment of the collected amount is 14 calendar days from the date of the approval.

    7. According to the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act, every customer has the right to return a purchased product within 14 days from the date of receipt. For this reason, a positive or negative change in the amount of commission charged is possible during the 30-day approval period.

    8. The partner is responsible for declaring the income (commissions) he receives, according to the laws of the respective country in which he lives.

    9. Remuneration (commissions) can only be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.

    10. By registering as a partner, each person declares to the Owner that he undertakes to pay for his own account any taxes due from commission income, if such taxes are due under national law. Art. 11. The owner provides an opportunity for each partner to check the amount of accumulated commissions in the software platform.

    11. The platform reports commissions in USD currency.

    12. Commissions are charged only for orders received through the online ordering system in




    13. Upon initial request to withdraw accrued commissions, it is necessary to sign a partnership agreement (links to the relevant agreements can be found at the end of the general conditions), otherwise you are not entitled to withdraw your commissions. Directions:

    • Download the affiliate agreement contract, print it and fill it in, and you must sign it.
    • Scan it or take a picture with your phone and email it to us:
    • Within 24 hours, we will review it and return the contract, completed and signed by us to your email.
    • Then you get all the rights as our affiliate partner.




    14. The contract for participation in the affiliate program may be terminated at any time by the affiliate by sending an e-mail to the Owner.

    15. The Owner may terminate the contract by deregistering the Partner in the event that the Partner abuses the Owner's trust in any way. Abuse of the Owner's trust is present, in the following cases: creating computer-generated users, for example, a robot, spider, computer script or other automated, artificial or deceptive methods; when offensive qualifications are posted on the Internet against the Owner and/or the goods offered in his store.

    16. Except in the above cases, the Owner may terminate the partnership agreement if the partner is not active, i.e., has not accrued any commissions for more than 6 (six) consecutive months. If the activity or performance of the affiliate is too low (e.g. high number of clicks on shared links and no or almost no sales), the Owner may exclude the affiliate from the program at its discretion.

    17. Upon termination of the contract, the Owner owes commissions to the partner, which he has accumulated up to the time of termination. The Partner will receive the full accumulated amount in his account even if the active party to terminate the contract is the Owner.

    18. The owner bears no responsibility to third parties for actions/inactions of the partner, including when placing an advertising banner/link on foreign websites.

    19. The Partner is liable to the Owner for damages caused to him by publicizing in the Internet space negative circumstances about the Owner or his goods, for slander and false statements, as well as for damage to his prestige and good trade name.

    20. The owner reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions of the affiliate program at any time. 




    21. The partners provide the information necessary for the implementation of the affiliate program voluntarily directly through the Social Snowball affiliate program platform.

    22. Personal data provided by partners is used for the purpose of administering a partner profile, namely:

    • Approval of commissions.
    • Payment of commissions.

    22. Partners have the opportunity to change the submitted data directly through their account on the website of the Online Store located at: or by email.

    23. If the partner wishes to have his profile deleted, he must contact us by email:




    24. The information submitted by the partners is protected according to the Personal Data Protection Act, and is processed in accordance with its provisions, as well as with all other provisions of Bulgarian and European legislation.

    25. undertakes all necessary actions and measures to protect the stored information provided by customers.

    26. For security reasons, the SUPPLIER provides the USERS with the personal data entered by them in case of request or in connection with their service, only to the email address that they submitted when registering or making a purchase and sale without registration.

    27. FOREX BG LTD use "Cookies" through They represent information stored on the User's computer about his interaction with the Online Store. The information from "Cookies" is used in order to provide content that most closely matches the interests of the User. Every User has the right to prohibit the use of "Cookies" by changing the relevant settings of the browser used. If cookies are disabled, it is possible that, as well as other online applications, may not work properly.

    28. At any moment, the SUPPLIER has the right to require the USER to identify himself and to certify the reliability of each of the circumstances and personal data announced during registration.

    29. In the event that for some reason the USER has forgotten or lost his password, the SUPPLIER has the right to apply the announced "Forgot Password" procedure.


    IF you already our client, you got affiliate link, and you had make your firts sale you can download the PDF affiliate agreement contract, from the link bellow:

    • With the download, your are agree with our General conditions Affiliate program