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How to determine your ring size?

How to determine the size of a ring?

If you do not know the size of the ring, can be used as two of those methods that will help you determine the size of the ring. The dimensions we use for the rings in online stores are the second method.


First method (diameter)


  1. Take a ring, which you have worn on the finger, for which you want to order a new ring 
  2. Find a ruler, divided into mm 
  3. Put the ring horizontally on the table and measure its internal diameter. Upon measuring do not include the metal part of the ring. While you measure make sure that you have measured the ring at its widest part. 
  4. Specify how many mm is the diameter 
  5. By the attached scale find which measure of a ring corresponds to that diameter


Second method (circumference)


  1. If you do not have a ring with the same size as those you want to order, take a paper belt 
  2. Wrap the paper belt round your finger and mark with a pencil the place where the two ends meet (see figure below).
  3. Take a ruler, divided in mm and measure the belt up to the marked places. 
  4. In this way you will understand the circumference of your finger 
  5. By the attached scale find which measure of a ring corresponds to that circumference. 


WHAT IS UNIVERSAL RING SIZE? - This is a ring that is able to be adjusted by tightening or stretching and fits any size. Convenient and practical way to make gift  the person which size you do not know!


To be most accurate size of your ring is best if you can define it in the studio for jewelry!







How to take care for our jewelry?

To enjoy your silver jewelry longer 

   To enjoy your silver jewelry longer   we recommend you to adhere to certain rules. Silver is affected by sulfur (S) - and its compounds. Its color changed from black to dark yellow. Sulfur is in white, in some detergents, in cosmetics (perfumes, Body Spray, hair dye) in fuels and oils, fats.

Humidity of air, marine and mineral water, abrupt changes of temperature of the environment also impact on silver. Perceivable body may also contain darkening substances. In contiguity with silver, sulfur forms a thin layer of silver sulphate. Namely it changes color and to remove it, some chemical reaction is needed.

   To cleanup at home use the following recipe: place aluminum foil on the bottom of a container and place the silver item in there. In another court steamed up saleratus and pour on. Reaction between aluminum and saleratus will clean silver sulphate. Don't clean in this way, silver jewellery which is pre-blacken.

   Do not use toothpaste. It contains crystals that may scratch the surface of the silver jewllery. 

   If possible, remove e silver jewelry when performing activities like fitness, sports, work in a contaminated environment or dirty activities such as cleaning, repairs and other works.